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VLC Media Player 3.0.2


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4 hours ago, virge said:

Is 3.02 beta?


Yes. This is Beta. Permanent beta to infinity. There is no final, no stable. It never had such releases! In short - it is in progressive regression, almost in collapse. They promise, but they do not fix. Instead they could forget for you. Very simple. :) 

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VLC 3.0.2

Changes between 3.0.1 and 3.0.2:    http://www.videolan.org/developers/vlc-branch/NEWS


x86 installer: vlc-3.0.2-win32.exe

MD5: 76036BDD26F5CB8D32B17441546C4C8A

SHA1: EC3D08BD2C879AA4650F99FCA212E0EA1F1668B7

x86 msi installer: vlc-3.0.2-win32.msi

MD5: a70b007b2795cd13e7e02c0a7a06ee97

SHA1: 95b1ed9fb048e75798a73d1fb0b2ea9d54a14949

7z file: vlc-3.0.2-win32.7z

MD5: 9cc1726b6dd8ecb8d72c24fdddeaaa53

SHA1: c1448d32fb4359050c40dcb318fe388fdcdc3d17

zip file: vlc-3.0.2-win32.zip

MD5: 71145eb3d5e8a5668855e4d2d41d930a

SHA1: 0d47c218fa9285424e3fde24f9c415d0ad9d92dc

ftp repository


x64 installer: vlc-3.0.2-win64.exe

MD5: E3D41D2AF1A8196C3177EAECC5BB4307

SHA1: C3844184CD942F4BB37871C154550334C98E6A1F

64 msi installer: vlc-3.0.2-win64.msi

MD5: f8208320edc03c174dbf736b2aa3964a

SHA1: 0d425ee0968dc6620a2487da4581f8138471a339

7z file: vlc-3.0.2-win64.7z

MD5: 7220EEE2CA2DFB2A3937C9066975A01A

SHA1: B85AB5943CF82E32266BB5393AEC5082EC565195

zip file:   vlc-3.0.2-win64.zip

MD5: 18d900f8c6805caada2bb285280eea8f 

SHA1: a086f619d97b9e6c2ed7889873e94a4694390669

ftp repository

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