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How To Replace One OS In Dual Boot Mode


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Hi respected members...

my elder brother has a laptop with dual boot system (Windows7 Ultimate+Zorin 12.3). now my brother wants to taste Ubuntu 18.04 Alongside Windows. how is this possible to replace Zorin with Ubuntu maintaining the dual boot system. he installed Zorin with option "Install Along with Windows"

Thanks In Advance

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  1. Use Windows 7 SYSTEM ADVANCE PROPERTIES to remove the bootup details of Zorin 
  2. Use partition manger to remove the zorin partition(s).
  3. Use the Ubuntu installer, and do the install with option to coexist with windows
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2 hours ago, teodz1984 said:

Use Windows 7 SYSTEM ADVANCE PROPERTIES to remove the bootup details of Zorin 

please explain it briefly sir. 

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Richard T. Wagner wants to remove Windows 7 from a dual-boot PC, and keep Windows 10. His version of Windows 7 doesn't even work.

Running multiple versions of Windows on one PC gives you more options, but eventually you'll probably want to go back to only one. And when you do, you'll soon tire of that dual-boot menu that pops up all of the time.

You can easily turn off the Boot Menu, but removing the previous version of Windows can be dangerous. These instructions assume you have Windows 10 and want to keep it. With slight modifications, they'll work with other versions.

To kill the Boot Menu, right-click Start and select System. In the System window's left pane, select Advanced system settings.0610-system-settings-1-100662062-large.j

In the resulting System Properties dialog box's Advanced tab, click the Settings button in the Startup and Recovery section (the third and last Settings button on the tab).


This brings up the Startup and Recovery dialog box. Make sure the default operating system is Windows 10. Then uncheck Time to display list of operating system


Reboot, and you'll find that the menu is gone. 

You may want to remove the Windows 7 partition as well, but that could be dangerous. Before you try it, make sure no data files are on that partition. Also, create an image backup of the entire drive onto an external hard drive. That will allow you to recover everything if something goes wrong.

Once you've taken these precautions, right-click Start and select Disk Management. Identify the Windows 7 partition; then right-click it and select Delete Volume. Then confirm your decision with a Yes.0610-delete-partition-1-100662063-large.

The partition will be replaced with "Free space," but it's probably not really free. Right-click that Free space and select Delete Partition. And again, confirm your decision.

Right-click the partition you want to increase (It must be touching the empty space), and select Extend Volume. Follow the wizard.

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Those instructions are only valid if the boot manager in use is Windows and not the Linux Boot manager, usually Grub...


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