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[solved by teodz1984] how can I delete folders with a script


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Every time I start Photoshop (I think) a plugin with medicine crates two folders like this




in C:\Users\XYZ\AppData\Local. All this folders starting with Tempzxpsign , have 0 byte and the write protection attribute is enabled. I can select the folders in explorer and delete them but I don't look often in  C:\Users\XYZ\AppData\Local and the result is if I use Photoshop 15 times per day an go after 10 days to the location there are 150 empty folders.


Any Idea how I can delete the folders for example on every reboot or every day etc.?

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Do You have CCleaner, if yes, add these folders to Options => Include and then every time, if CCleaner runs, they will be deleted.
If  do not have CCleaner, say what You have. But yes, it is possible to delete them also with using .cmd or .bat file or/and some other cleaning program. for example Wise Care 365, Wise Disk Cleaner, Windows x Manager Disk Cleaner, WinUtilities Disk Cleaner etc.
So, tell what You already have or what is the best for You. I think, the commandline script is the last, what to use, but it is possible.

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Acc to the page above: The culprit! could be the new "start workspace" extension.

  1. Try disabling all extensions under: Preferences > Plug-ins.
  2. Then, un-check both "Allow extensions to connect to the internet" and "Load extension panels".
  3. Doing so will prevent Photoshop from creating these empty folders in your Local directory. However, this will also disable Photoshop's "start workspace". Photoshop will now open to a blank page instead. I actually prefer this because Photoshop loads up MUCH faster than with the new (and rather buggy) workspace.
  4.  If you use other Adobe softwares like Premiere Pro and After Effects, they'll also create these empty folders upon launch... No fixes for them yet.
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In the moment I am in communication with Cyrobo (started last month) to add a cleaning option for this problem in Cleanspace. A few days ago, they told me that there is no chance, as long as they do not know who produced these nonsense folders. I just send them your hint to the adobe forum and hope now that that helps to integrate a cleaning option.

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