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BullGuard Internet Security 2018 Free 1 Year Subscription


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BullGuard Internet Security 2018 Free 1 Year Subscription

BullGuard Internet Security packs all the best protection features that you can expect from a top-notch security suite. The suite offers antivirus, firewall, file backup, game booster, pc tune up and parental control tools with advanced customization options to suit both intermediate and advanced users.


The main window displays the status of the integrated tools with a drop down menu that allows quick and easy access to settings and operations.


Antivirus allows users to run a quick, full, or custom scan. The quick scan only scans the system partition, memory, registry and other areas where malware is known to attack. The full scan takes more time to complete, but is considered the safest option among the three. Custom scan can be used to scan user specific locations – For instance, you can use it to scan a particular folder, file, or drive. You can also use the right-click context menu to run scan on a specific location.


Firewall constantly monitors the network state, and blocks threats from accessing the system. Users can manage network connection rules of executables that require network access. By default, the tool automatically creates network connection rules of trusted applications. In addition to managing rules, users can view the real-time network activity and connection logs.


Vulnerability scanner highlights system elements that may be unsafe, which includes windows updates, wireless network safety, network profile, ports open for incoming connection, and digitally signed drivers.


Game Booster and PC Tune Up optimizes system performance. Game Booster blocks pop-ups and background intensive tasks when it detects that the end user is gaming in full screen mode. PC Tune Up boosts system performance by defragmenting registry, removing temporary files, browser cache, and junk files from third party apps. The tool also finds duplicates and provides the option to review the files prior to deletion.


Parental Control protects children from accessing inappropriate content online. Users can manually select sites, based on their characteristic, which their child is not allowed to have access or use the predefined filtering list based on age group, which will block sites that are unsuitable for their age. In addition to these, users can also schedule to allow internet access only during a specific time, block chat applications and view a report of their children’s online activity while they were away.


Grab your free one-year subscription:

A one-year single user license of BullGuard Internet Security costs $59 to purchase. For a very limited time, you can get a one year licensed copy of BullGuard Internet Security, completely free of charge. Visit the OFFER PAGE and click on “Get Your FREE 1-Year Subscription Now” button to download your free copy.

Activation Instruction & Check your license status:

On first run, BullGuard will ask you to login to your account, or create a new one. Please make sure you create a new account for this promotion to work. After creating your account, click on “Settings” (on top right corner of BullGuard Main Window), then navigate to “General” sub menu. Here you will find your license information. If you were able to download the installer within the promotion period, you should see 365 days subscription available in your account.




Landing Page





Extended Trial Offer:

If you miss out on the above promotion, you can try the extended trial version of the product free for 90 days. Visit this page and click on “FREE 90 DAYS TRIAL” button to download the special installer. The extended trial offer is only valid for new installations. In some countries, the trial may be limited to 60 days

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That worked as described.  Got It.

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Just a heads-up guys > this giveaway is still working and now being promoted by Comss.ru.

Simply download the product using the original post's download link  for 1 year subscription



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