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MTG XRay lets you see deck building in a whole new way. No other app helps you build sealed, draft and standard constructed decks quite like XRay!


* Rate your deck build
* Perfect your mana base
* Automatic deck building suggestions


Do you know efficiently you are curving out? XRay does!

What app can perfect your mana beyond anything you could do on a calculator? Why not let XRay play thousands of games in a few minutes and give you the answer.

Try building your own deck and then ask XRay what it would have built. It’s fun.

Want to solve your sealed pool from scratch? Just hit the “Think” button and give it 5 to 15 minutes**


Tell XRay the top 4 cards you want in your deck and let it solve the rest with “Think”. The results are based off XRay “goldfishing” millions of games and counting which decks played the most mana and curved out the best.


All cards in Standard are available to do mana tuning and deck thinking with. Our approach gives very solid mana base and curve suggestions.


Limited (40 card) Sealed: Yes
Limited (40 card) Draft: Yes
Constructed (60 card): Yes
Brawl (60 card): Yes - but no specific commander features


Important mechanics like dual mana, slow lands, fast lands, mana rocks and mana dorks are programmed in.

Mana is the fundamental theory of what makes a good limited deck and should teach new players how to build basic curves by example, and experienced players can go very deep tweaking / fine-tuning scenarios.



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