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Can Cellphones Cause Cancer ?


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Can Cellphones Cause Cancer ?

After a month's hospital hiatus, the news below strikes us as odd ??


Experts Surprised By Latest Tests


PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Can cellphones really cause cancer?


It’s been a question that’s dogged researchers for years.


However, a group of experts say the results of some tests are pretty surprising.


Millions of people constantly call, text, click, take pictures and play on cellphones.


Even the top cellular radiation researchers from around the world have a hard time untethering.


But, they gathered recently in North Carolina to talk about cellphone concerns and whether they really do increase the chances of developing cancer.


The panel voted that the results from years of testing on mice and rats were more significant than originally thought.


They say they found clear evidence that phone radiation caused tumors in the hearts of rats, which were similar to tumors in people.


“In humans, it’s seen in the vestibular nerve, in the ear, the acoustic nerve. We found it in the heart, although our animals were exposed in their whole body condition,” John Bucher said.


“While a given animal is not making a cellphone call, they are, throughout their short two-year lifetime getting the same exposure that we expect people to get in their 70-plus years of life,” Dr. Devra Davis, of Environmental Health Trust, said.


Activists are now calling for more protections, citing separate studies from France and Italy.


“Many brain tumor lawsuits going on right now that are waiting for a study like this to prove that people’s brain tumors were caused by their cellphone radiation,” Kevin Mottus, of the California Brain Tumor Association, said.


There are new concerns on the horizon as 5G, which is a stronger broadband system, is about to debut.


Some activists say the government has a responsibility to increase regulations.


“And I think it’s the responsibility of the ones making the phones to make them as safe as possible, and I’m sure they can do better than what we actually have,” Dr. Annie Sasco said.


Both activists and researchers agree that people can minimize any risk by holding phones away from the body when in use and not putting them in your pocket.



























Cell Tower Radiation Symptoms:

Cell phone tower radiation exposures are linked to many different symptoms, these include:

Low sperm count
Immune system deficiencies
Concentration difficulties
Joint problems
Skin complaints
Cardiovascular diseases
Auditory system Disturbances
Visual problems
Gastrointestinal problems

SafeSleeve: How to Make Your Cell Phone Radiation-Free




Block Radio Waves
An electromagnetically charged challenge from Science Buddies




Cell Phone Radiation Scams


To limit your exposure to cell phone electromagnetic emissions, the FTC suggests that you:


Increase the distance between your phone and your head by using a hands-free device, like an earpiece that is wired to the phone, or using the speakerphone feature.


Consider texting more and limiting your cell phone use to short conversations.


Wait for a good signal.


When you have a weak signal, your phone works harder, emitting more radiation.


Phones also give off more radiation when transmitting than when receiving, so tilt the phone away from your head when you're talking, and bring it back to your ear when you're listening.


A phone's specific absorption rate (SAR) reveals the maximum amount of radiation the human body absorbs from the phone while it's transmitting.


SAR testing ensures that the devices sold in the U.S. comply with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) SAR exposure limit, but the single, worst-case value obtained from this SAR testing is not necessarily representative of the absorption during actual use, and therefore it is not recommended for comparisons among phones.


In short, selecting a lower SAR phone will not reliably ensure lower radiation absorption during use.


The FCC has more information at Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) For Cell Phones: What It Means For You.


For more information on cell phone use and health issues, see the National Cancer Institute's fact sheet, Cell Phones and Cancer Risk.


This article was previously available as Listen Up:


Tips to Help Avoid Cell Phone Radiation Scams.




Here are 5 ways to reduce your exposure to cell phone radiation:


Text or use a Bluetooth/headset/speaker phone instead of calling. ...

Turn your phone off at night. ...


Never wear your phone. ...


Use a DefenderShield Case. ...




On example of EMF Shielding Fabric NATURELL - 5 ft


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Can cellphones cause cancer?.......only if you smoke them!!:D:D:D


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Can cellphones cause cancer?.......only if you smoke them!!:D:D:D

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Apologies for the double post...I was downloading using a VPN and when I tried to send my post it seemed to stick Then when I came out of the VPN and re-sent my post it suddenly appeared twice. It's not easy being a noob!!!:D:D:D

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Can Cell Phones Cause Cancer?

As much as I know, till now not restricted and nobody knows, why the cancer comes and how to restrict it.

So if comes, then comes. Twice haven't nobody died.

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6 hours ago, Kalju said:

Can Cell Phones Cause Cancer?

As much as I know, till now not restricted and nobody knows, why the cancer comes and how to restrict it.

So if comes, then comes. Twice haven't nobody died.

Kalju, Richard Branson, the multi-millionaire owner of Virgin Record Stores, Virgin Airlines etc, had a good friend who spent many hours on his cell phone. The friend died of a tumor in his brain. The location, shape and size of the tumor was of the guy's cell phone when pressed to his ear. Richard Branson from that day uses a "hands free" connection and never puts the phone to his ear. When a smart guy like Richard Branson suspects a link between cell phone use and cancer I think everyone should take note.

I don't have one, never have had one, never will have one....their use is verging on addiction!!:huh:

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16 hours ago, Akaneharuka said:

Everything can cause cancer if you use it in the wrong ways.



OMG "everything"?......even sex?????:D:D:D

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9 minutes ago, funkyy said:

OMG "everything"?......even sex?????:D:D:D

so now u know what to tell your wife when u isn't a mood amigo:lol:

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Debatable but I have stopped putting my cellphone near my head when I'm sleeping and I have less headaches now...

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