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[Game][Xbox One] : ArteLunoda


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[Game][Xbox One] : ArteLunoda


Welcome to 2D STG where the light swirls! Four-way key or left stick: Move A button: bullet of four shots! As much as possible approach the enemy and hit the bullet! B button: Burst mode start! The speed of movement and the rate of increase of the bonus multiplier will be tripled! However, it costs a big burden on me! The life reduction speed is also triple, so if you are not careful it's straight to hell! During the burst mode it gets red and it's cool! Life will decrease with time and you will die. Life will recover if you hit a shot against the enemy! Anyway attack the enemy with attack! Continuing to hit the attack will also increase the bonus multiplier! Of course, even if you hit an enemy your life will decrease, so be careful! Stage break by earning score! One point advice: Approach a hard enemy and hit the bullet with burst mode! The bonus multiplier will rise with unbelievable momentum!



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