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CrococryptMirror Pro v 1.51 (lifetime license)


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CrococryptMirror Pro v 1.51 (lifetime license)

CrococryptMirror is a Backup Software and an Encryption Tool in one. It mirrors user-selected folders to encrypted folders. The destination folder can be any external storage, another folder or network share. In case a local folder is already synchronized with a cloud storage, that way an encrypted cloud backup can be accomplished.


  • Securely Encrypted
  • File-based:
  • Fast, incremental Updates!
  • Ideal also for Cloud Uploads;
  • For Backups on USB, Network or Cloud;
  • Encryption of file content, filenames, file meta data;
  • Shorten of filenames;
  • Portable Version:
  • *No administrative/system rights necessary;
  • *No installation, everything in one directory (Application & Data);
  • System requirements: Windows 7 or higher;




Auslogic Key:  

Website:  http://textuploader.com

Sharecode: /duh71

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