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India Is Building the World’s Tallest Statue


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A towering statue made of steel and bronze is readying for a fall 2018 debut in India’s westernmost state of Gujarat. As Claire Voon reports for Hyperallergic, the monument, standing 597 feet tall, will be the world’s tallest upon completion.


Dubbed the Unity Statue, the statue honors the country’s first deputy prime minister, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel.

Patel, fondly known as the “Iron Man of India,” played a key rule in unifying India’s fractitious states into a single, independent country. He died in 1950.


India’s current prime minister Narendra Modi, is the impetus behind the project, according to a press release by Michael Graves Architecture & Design, the company overseeing the design and construction of the statue. Modi, who previously served as Gujarat’s chief minister, has long pushed for such a sculpture, and construction began in earnest after he took was elected PM in 2014.


The prolific Indian sculptor Ram V. Sutar, who is noted for his massive, life-like renderings, was selected to design the statue, which promises to be “one of history’s largest artistic commissions,” as Gardiner Harris of the New York Times put it.


The price tag for the project isn’t cheap. All together, the first phase is expected to cost an estimated $460 million. Unsurprisingly, the price of the plan has made the statue a subject of criticism for people like Mohan Gurumurthy of the think-tank Centre for Policy Alternatives, who told the Telegraph in 2013 that even Sardar Patel himself would have objected to the cost of the project.


Another challenge is construction: the statue is being erected in the Sadhu-Bet island in the Narmada district of Gujarat, which offers up logistical problems of its own. The result, however, will be stunning. James Wisniewski, one of the architects involved with the project, tells Voon of Hyperallergic that the statue, which will stand at the end of a long pedestrian bridge, will look like it’s “walking upon water.”


A museum dedicated to Patel, restaurants, a hotel and a welcome center are also planned for the future phases of the project. But for now, workers are focusing on getting the massive statue finished by October 31—on what would be Patel’s 143rd birthday.


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12 hours ago, jayesh30202 said:

In 1980, as a photo journalist with the Times — I recollect that project was actually conceived by the Congress & NCP.


Twenty four years later, in 2004 — a sum of ₹ 100,00,00,000 was kept aside for the project . . . . . however, within a span of 5 years, in 2009 — the budget escalated seven-fold . . . . . to ₹ 700,00,00,000.


Five years later, the Modi Government came into power in 2014 — in order to appease their most faithful but rebellious ally . . . . the Shiv Sena, Modi inaugurated the project on the Christmas eve of 24th December 2016 and the construction commenced . . . . by that time though, the budget had skyrocketed to ₹ 36,00,00,00,000 (more than 35 times over) — this sum exceeded the consolidated (Health + Education) budget of Mumbai, for the year.


Modi puppies offer excuses, comparing the Shivaji Statue to a monument like Taj Mahal, stating that the revenue from tourism would easily recover the expenditure of ₹ 36,00,00,00,000/-.


The highest revenue earning monument of India is the Taj Mahal — it earns a mere revenue of ₹ 20,00,00,000 to 25,00,00,000 per year (the revenue from 2013 to 2016 was just ₹ 75,00,00,000/-.)

Presuming that the Shivaji Maharaj statue would indeed displace the Taj Mahal in terms of revenue and then assuming zero maintenance/restoration costs, it would still take at least 144 years to recover the deficit of ₹ 36,00,00,00,000/-.


Environmentalists point out that no disaster-management machinery has been put into place — God save the tourists in the event of another Tsunami. Experts point out collateral damages such as the sea pollution, depletion of the coast and deprivation of livelihood for over 1,50,000 fishermen.


Fishermen staged a peaceful protest against the Modi government — all 150 of the protesters were arrested and section 144 of the IPC (Indian Penal Court) was imposed upon them (those devils were lucky the government did not charge them with sedition, as they are usually known to . . . . . when in a bad mood)


This ostentatious splurging of public money has attracted a petition and  more than 53,000 folks had signed it (at the time of typing this piece) — the departed soul of Shivaji Maharaj must be turning-n-twisting in his grave.



13 hours ago, 0bin said:

I didn't know of this big statue, I wait for my friend @dcs18 opinion about that :) 

We Indians are passionate about building statues — not so; towards their upkeep and most of our statues are scant recognizable (thanks to generous sprinkling of pigeon droppings.)


We are equally wicked in destroying statues — more statues were destroyed by Modi fanatics in the last one month (March-April 2018) than in any given year of our history.


Modi puppies defend this statue project with vehemence and their standpoint is dick-to-dick (bigger the better) — they seriously do believe that hosting the tallest statue would automatically qualify us as . . . . . THE global superpower.


The cost of the 1,063 feet tall Eiffel Tower was borne by one single individual — and, his name was Eiffel (no prize/s for guessing that.)


The 151 feet tall statue of Liberty was built by Gustave Eiffel (same guy) — this copper statue was a gift by France to America (the taxpayers of the USA did not have to contribute a single penny from their pockets.)


The 98 feet tall statue of Christ The Redeemer was built by the Church, from donations — not through money from the taxpayers of Brazil.


In these dire times of joblessness, the Modi government seeks to salvage their shattered image by announcing this 597 feet tall statue of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel that's being built solely from the coffers of the Indian taxpayer . . . . . with zero transparency — the souls of the Sardar and the Maharaj are condemned to rock-n-roll in their graves . . . . . as involuntary sacrificial goats in the larger interests of vote-bank appeasement politics.

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Patel, fondly known as the “Iron Man of India,” played a key rule in unifying India’s fractitious states into a single, independent country.



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On 4/9/2018 at 10:45 AM, dcs18 said:



If he unified India  and was an honest man, in my opinion it must be recognized in some way. 

With a statue? I'm sure that he would not like  that type of recognition. 

I know one in my country, now dead, that after 16 years in government step down to give others the opportunity to contribute also. He had at this time the 68% of approval to continue. The only property he had, his house, was donated by him to the state. Now a museum of all his work and a center to promote ideas for the benefits of the people.

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