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Recommend Avast, earn rewards (6 months of free Avast Antivirus Pro)


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Recommend Avast, earn rewards (6 months of free Avast Antivirus Pro)

7 April 2018

By recommending us to re-plan preparation, Avast free access to advanced products.
         From the new Avast Referral Program , you are free from the quality products only a step away. If you are in the world's most extensive range of threats to one of hundreds of millions of users to detect network Avast protected, so if you recommend us to others, you will get rich rewards.
         In fact, when you recommend Avast to a friend, you will accomplish two good things: your friends to the world's best PC protection and free Avast advanced software for you.
         1 recommendation can get six months of free Avast Antivirus Pro . 5 Recommended unlock Avast Internet Security , and in the future, there will be more referrals to unlock. Here's how to profile:
          1, on your Avast Antivirus main interface, click the star icon . This opens the recommendation page.
        2. Copy the individual links in which you find and send it to a friend.
        3. When your friends click on the link, they will see a page inviting them to download Avast Free Antiviru.
        4, within 48 hours of their installed software, Avast your Control Panel's "recommendation" will increase the number 1.
         5, you will be there to see your reward waiting for you. Just click the CLAIM NOW button.
         6, a new browser window will open, you can download and install your reward.
this is very simple. The more you recommend, the more generous reward.
         While some of the best secret formula for success, but others should be shouting from the rooftops. We believe that our success in maintaining a safe and secure hundreds of millions of users belong to the latter category. Tell your friends. Recommend and enjoy rewards. We are committed to providing security and privacy create a world for all, including your!
         If you do not have to experience the peace of mind protection from Avast, please download our free anti-virus software , and use it due next generation technology to protect your digital life.
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