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BitReplica v2.2.0


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BitReplica v2.2.0 (1 year license)

  • Protect important documents, photos and any other data on your PC by backing it up with BitReplica. 
  • BitReplica is a tool for backing up files stored on your Windows PC. It protects your photos, music, documents and any other data from being lost due to a hard drive crash, virus attack or accidental deletion. The program should be especially useful for anyone who has several storage drives (it could be several hard drives installed on one PC or several PCs networked together).
  • Easy to Use...
  • Create a new profile: Specify what, where, how and when to back up by creating a backup profile.
  • Start backing up your files: Add predefined items or custom folders to back up, then click the Run button to start archiving your files using the selected profile’s settings.
  • View backup history: Select a profile from the list to view a history of backups created under this profile.
  • Restore needed files: Select a backup from the list under a profile and click Restore, or explore the backup folder to select individual files to restore.
  • Yet Powerful:
  • Back up any files you want;
  • Create custom backup rules for individual folders;
  • Save your disk space with incremental and differential backup engines;
  • Keep your files in the cloud for easy access;
  • Schedule backups to fit your timetable;
  • File size: 8.2 MB
  • Supported OS: Win 10, Win 8, Win 7 SP1 (32-bit & 64-bit), Vista SP2 (32-bit), XP SP3 (32-bit) 
  • Release date: February, 2018







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