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Cervino is the App that has been specifically designed to enhance your user experience with your electronic device in all possible ways. 

Besides being able to achieve everything you may need to do with your PC/Tablet on a regular basis more efficiently and easily, you will enjoy the refreshing feeling of using Cervino's beautiful, innovative user interface. Its all-new VISUAL controls will let you have anything you need from your computer handier. 


Here's everything you can do with Cervino so far:
-Listen to music | Create playlists and edit them. Shuffle mode enabled. 
-Write notes and text documents | Both .rtf and .txt formats supported. Wide variety of formatting options. 
-Write reminders and other notes for the day | Mark them as important. Filter them with personalized tags. 
-Browse the web | Choose your preferred search engine. Shortcuts to popular, commonly-used websites available.
-Make calculations | Character "x" enabled as multiplication symbol (besides the standard “*”). 
-Check the weather| Get current weather info with details. Get the weather forecast for the next five days.
-Open images and play videos | Set your favorite images as Cervino’s wallpaper. Watch your videos in “Pop-up” mode. 
-Multitask with "SplitView". 
-Customize Cervino’s wallpaper | Possibility to set any of your photos as a wallpaper. Possibility to set an animation as your background image. Several Cervino-exclusive images available. “Cloud Backgrounds” feature: every time you open the App, a different background will be loaded from the cloud. 



PROMO:  https://www.microsoft.com/en-ca/store/p/cervino/9nblggh4whph



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