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[Steam] Band of Defenders Beta FREE KEY


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Band of Defenders Beta

On the page you just need to specify the e-mail address to which you can send the key.

Then you will receive an email with the confirmation of the mailing and after you click on the confirmation link to your email address will be sent an email with the key.

Then the key can be redeemed on Steam.

Some information about the game:

Band of Defenders is a modern online game COOP FPS, in which the world slowly recovers from the nuclear apocalypse. Players build, repair and modernize barricades and towers, produce weapons and try to survive the waves of enemies.

Each game consists of several waves of enemies and players. The last wave is always one of the enemies of bosses, very dangerous people who want to fully test their defense and skills.


To participate in this beta test, you will need a Steam account

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