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sad for some, and no surprise.:s (you'll see; I know Dedo; one of the few I trust (Linux stuff), from experience; I never managed to prove him wrong:().
to quote the "Verdict" only:

"I think Ubuntu 18.04 is a punishment by Canonical for the community's witchhunt against Unity and the company's efforts to make a professional rival to Windows. Well, there you have it. A free and open-source stupidity that takes us back a good decade or more. Unless a miracle happens, I already know my review of Bionic Beaver will be bad and sad, and I will not be using this as my next LTS. I might even be forced to compromise with 16.04 for a while. Maybe Kubuntu will be my savior. Or I'll just go on using Windows, which, despite everything you can say about Microsoft, including its silly games with Windows 10, is still actually a dependable operating system for adults.

The beta does not have any big beta issues. But it does have deep, serious regressions that have nothing to do with the current release state and everything to do with the use of Gnome. Unity was a professional product. This is no longer the case. Canonical does not seem to care anymore, and this is a token release for the sake of it, infused with absolute zero enthusiasm. It shows. Livepatch, encryption, okay. But the rest of it is just worse, in every single aspect. Usability, quality, reliability, integrity of data, aesthetics, performance. There. And so, I'd like to thank the open-source community for their stalwart conservative efforts to destroy progress. Mission accomplished. Peace."

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this whole post


I don't see why

without an explanation .

that would be helpful and adult .

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sorry to interrupt you, guys...
..did you read the part about Gnome 3?:D
It's just so funny in its sad observations, I would like to share it with you,...to make you smile too:).

Gnome 3 is, for the lack of a better word, one big regression. Unity was slick, fast, elegant, practical, and it offered everything you'd expect from a semi-pro or pro desktop environment. Gnome is a joke. I have nothing personal against Gnome, but a desktop environment that BY DEFAULT has no right-click on the desktop, no ability to create new files in the file manager or edit its settings, no show desktop button, no taskbar or panel of any kind, no window control buttons, and lots of other simple things you need or expect - such a desktop is a complete and utter failure.

Ubuntu sort of fixes this - sort of. But then, the essential nonsense remains. No right-click in Nautilus. Year 2018, no ability to create any new files. This is so monumentally stupid I can't even explain it. At least it sorts folders before files! But it's like comparing a Trabant, after it's been hit by a 82mm mortar and than shat on by a flock of seagulls, to a brand new Porsche 911. Unity was splendid. This is 1998 dialup.

It gets worse. No show desktop button. System control is rudimentary. A joke. It looks ugly, it behaves ugly. It's much less responsive than Unity. SERIOUSLY slower. The search bar in Nautilus is a fat ugly sausage that makes my pixels cry. Overall, it's a suckfest.
(I'm gone now)

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Haha, just had to type and says thanks after hitting the like button. 


So my grub kept getting screwed up every time windows updated. this was with Manjaro.


So I followed your guide on installing it to any place other than sda1 (efi) and it really works fine. 


One thing though, I did not use the step of easy bcd. it destroys your bcd file in windows 7 if you use it on an efi environment. So I just fixed the bcd via the boot usb in windows 7 and it worked fine after that.


Tested with mint as well and it all works fine. but I'm back to deepin atm, and it's kind of silly but deepin doesn't allow you install grub to any partition other than efi. you don't even get a choice.


A great resource and effort by you. thanks a lot.

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