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  • Access service to the worldwide Usenet with over 110,000 newsgroups
  •  Unlimited access
  •  14 days non-binding & free trial with 1 GB high-speed volume 
  •  Enter e-mail address and surf on Usenet, no bank details required 
  •  Test ends automatically after the 14 days have passed or after 1 GB of usage, no cancellation is necessary



Landing Page


>>Visit the Landing Page and sign-up

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it's not advised to use this provider for several reasons:

-No anonymous payment or registration possible

-They keep logs and if a 3rd party complains to them they hand over everything they know about you + they will hand over the logs

-they're under German law: in Germany they have a similar outfit as BREIN in the Netherlands but with far more possibilities to go after up- and downloaders. Fines are far higher compared to the fines in the Netherlands


If you want to start with usenet find yourself a usenet provider that allows payment by anonymous creditcards + allows registration with fake email + fake name and email

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