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Tabbles Basic


You already use tags in your social media accounts, and they help you to keep track of your own content and follow along with other discussions, so why are not you using them for your files and emails? Tabbles Basic Giveaway!

Tabbles Basic Giveaway lets you tag files and emails to enable more powerful and intuitive categorization and sharing of emails with colleagues. With Tabbles Basic Giveaway, your tags will remain with your files, regardless of whether they are on the local disk, network drive, or on cloud storage. Best of all, you can tag files.

Imagine being able to find documents, files, and emails just by searching on tags! What's more, you can combine concepts and group items based on their tags. Discover today what over 2000 Fortune 500 companies and universities already know - information management is at its best when you're using Tabbles Basic Giveaway!



Dear Chip.cz reader, please enter your email address and you will get 3 license free keys for Tabbles Basic in your email.



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