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Well, im a leecher user, xD, always i check this forum to solve some problems with Office or Windows and always can resolve with urs guides, patchs or friendly users help me with pms, mm i dont remember how get this place,  (maybe google lol), and now i try to check some forums but i dont have permision, lol (idk why, if some know pm with link to check what i need to do)


So, thank for all!




qq sorry for my english qq

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Hi @Joselo and welcome to NF!!!

Take some time to read Community Guidelines.


17 minutes ago, Joselo said:


About the error above... Read below:



Hope you enjoy your stay!!!

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Hi Joselo,


Welcome to my favorite site on the internet.  I hope that you come here often and engage in some of the lively conversations here.

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