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[Solved] volume control app


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6 hours ago, dcs18 said:

There are many apps available on the Google Play — personally, I prefer Tasker (it can control many types of volume and hundreds of other things.) ^_^

yes, I know but many dont control a min and max. :)

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That unfortunately, can be the case when faced with a wide choice — it's just a matter of finding (by trial and error) the one that meets your requirement (hopefully, someone else can narrow down the choice for you.)


Another complication is that most ROMs ship with the volume of the Ringtone and Notifications linked — fortunately, my LineageOS has the provision to de-link the volume for the respective sources:—



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9 hours ago, bergy1964 said:

I needed a volume lock instead. All set.  thx


You used any app for that, please link it here.

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