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Batch File Renamer 8


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Batch File Renamer 8

Batch File Renamer 8 will straight forwardly change a batch of 1 million filenames, creation dates, modified dates and attribute all in one it. All filenames output is previewed before any process can be started.


Other Features.....

Parts of filenames can be replaced.

File extensions can be left or renamed on their own.

Start and end of filenames can be added too..

Filename numbering # can be place anywhere in a group of file names.

Files can be sorted by date, file size and name before renaming process.

A user can execute a custom command line on a batch of files.

The added inbuilt shredder can shred a batch of top secret files making recovery next to impossible in one click.

Cannot find a file - Batch file Renamer can do a binary string search on contents of a batch of files to isolate certain files with positive matches.




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