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Microsoft announces Microsoft 365 for US Government


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Microsoft has announced the availability of Microsoft 365 for US Government. The productivity suite includes Office 365, Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS), and Windows 10 Enterprise for the government organizations.


The company calls for a need to overhaul the tools and capabilities currently available to the government officials, such that their growing needs for mobility and a modern workspace are met. The corporation also cites the Modernizing Government Technology Act, which supports the replacement of old infrastructure that may pose a security threat.


According to the company, its proactive security measures can help reduce the time and stress that an on-premises environment may have to face. This, in turn, will result in better returns on investment, along with better citizen data protection.

Microsoft is offering three environments for the U.S. government agencies, all of which "meet the minimum bar for all government-specific regulations":

  • Government Community Cloud (GCC) is built to serve civilian government agencies at the state, local, and federal level.
  • GCC High is built to serve government customers in highly sensitive situations and the commercial organizations that do business with those entities, like air and defense contractors.
  • DoD Cloud is specifically for Department of Defense—not just the military, but also for agencies that sit within the armed forces.

The firm designed Microsoft 365 with a few principles in mind like Teamwork, intelligent security, insight-driven productivity, built-in creativity, and accessibility. The suite will bring several additional insights for the agencies, along with better transparency, reliability and a cost-effective solution. The company has a pretty healthy working relationship with the government, even with a few lawsuits between them. Back in July, Microsoft brought its Big Data tools to U.S. government employees.



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