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[Game][PC] Critical Strike Universal 


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[Image: 3cc131ef-901a-4765-9bce-aa3a907f340a?ima...otation=90]


Critical Strike Universal 

[PC][Mobile Device] 


Simplest and Fairest FPS Shooting Game

******IMPORTANT : 
New Player will get a Machine Gun, a Restore Card and a Recruit Gem 
*******Sign Up: In Sign In Menu, input a name and a password, then press "Sign Up" button.

Please connect the game server by WIFI or 3G network, WIFI is better.
If you can't connect the game server plz check your phone's network condition
Don't try to connect server by 2G network. thanks

  • FPS Multi-Player Online Game 
  • Pick up your guns 
  • Go to fight with your little buddies 
  • Many Cute Soldiers are Waiting for you 
  • Many Cool Guns are Waiting for you 
  • Many Smart Players will be fighting with you

[Image: PPLRdWZl.png]



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