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how to backup my context-menu ?

Pete 12

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Sometimes I have to update to new software , which an uninstall requires of the previous version.

All my context-menu items are also gone , so I have to figure out again how to optimize the contextmenu for the just installed update. ( takes a lot of time !)

Im sure Im not the only one with this problem !

So Im searching for software , which can make a reliable backup of my context-menu only .

Maybe someone has an idea or suggestion for solving my contextmenu-problem.............??         :rolleyes:

How to backup contextmenu.jpg

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 At least I do not know any such tool (it doesn't mean, that not exist), but it is not difficult to make copies of the required context menu links using registry key backup method (link_name.reg), and then it's very easy to restore them. 
Reg copies can be made one-by-one, ie any item separately and then they can be merged. If necessary, they can be also converted to .bat, .cmd or .vbs script. I have been using this method for a long time.

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Ok, yes been searching for software made for this job , did not find suitable .

I need to backup only the contextmenu items for " Open with " ( see the picture)  , these items are hard to restore , after uninstall/reinstall software.

Can you tell me which items I have to backup from regedit ?   :rolleyes:

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i don't know if this would help. it may be a case of creating your own, shortcuts/ links.


however, it does have an option to export individual or bulk registry links of file types in the Editor option


have a look HERE to get a better understanding of its features


below is a link to the full version


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Context menu options for every file type is stored in registry : HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT


A good program to export those entries is Right Click Enhancer


- First, open the program and click on "Right Click Editor"




- On left side menu click "Switch to Shell Extensions"




- Select entries you want to save




- Click export in the left side menu or Action >>  Export selected


This will export a *.reg file which you can use as context menu backup

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Backing up of these reg-files will do the job I guess ............?

( Or missing some other items ?)     :unsure:

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