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Movie Maker - PRO


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Movie Maker - PRO


Want to create fantastic movies mixing your photos, videos and music? Movie Maker is the most comprehensive movie maker app for on Windows Store. It provides a wide selection of transition effects, image filters, 30+ fashionable fonts for subtitles. 

Main features include:
- Pan-zoom display
- Transition effects: fade, ripple, cross-zoom, wave, pixelate, square wipe, etc.
- Filters for image enhancement with advanced settings
- 30+ fashionable fonts for unlimited subtitles
- HD video quality
- Background music (built-in or from the user library)
- Video editor tool to: trim, merge, rotate your videos




  • Edit any videos: trimming, rotating, merging multiple videos
  • Make movies from photos, videos, music with professional transition effects like: wave, pixellate, cross-zoom, fading, etc.
  • Improve the quality of photos by variety of color filters
  • Customize the appearance and duration of photos and videos
  • Add beautiful subtitle texts to your photos and videos with customizable fonts, size and colors
  • Preview the output video before saving
  • Quickly resume to the last project



Promo:  https://www.microsoft.com/en-ca/store/p/app/9n9kbwp6hvqq



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