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Better config settings in a way it moves to trash/bin without deleting it permanently. In that case you can restore/recover easily. You are the first one to report. I've never got any nsaner getting this issue. Maybe you should check the settings first. Also, Pro versions of Revo/Total Uninstall/Uninstall Tool does better job than IObit Uninstaller Pro.

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30 minutes ago, vertical said:

Iobit uninstaller is normally a good product But now

I've noticed it deleting more than the app you want to uninstall .

I just found every time something missing in my directories .

Then It has deleted my folders without leaving a useful thing in it and it had

done it in a way , i could not have done that by accident .

At first i did not where to look for the problem maker .

several hours a friend of mine was trying to find a keylogger or remote operators .

Now i know it was Iobit 7.3 .

Sacred Heaven, You can choose, what You want to delete. Why do not you do that?
And even, if You do not change anything, it will not delete nothing, what not should.

And why is such a misleading headline, why is software updates, if it is You personal problem at all?

And topic already exist also!



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4 minutes ago, vertical said:

I always chose what to delete ,

It is strange to me like it is to you .

I have used this software for 4 years

And still don't know, how to use it, and also have not read forum using rules?
You may be can find a bit time for reading the rules.

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  • Administrator

Topic moved to Software Chat. Not news this.

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