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CrococryptMirror Pro v1.5


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CrococryptMirror Pro v1.5


Software for secure Data Backup with Encryption


CrococryptMirror is a Backup Software and an Encryption Tool in one. It mirrors user-selected folders to encrypted folders. The destination folder can be any external storage, another folder or network share. In case a local folder is already synchronized with a cloud storage, that way an encrypted cloud backup can be accomplished. Please note that CrococryptMirror performs file-based backups only, system backups / images are not supported at this point!


The encryption algorithms that are used are the industry standards AES-256 and Twofish-256. The used keyfile is also highly secured using common standards (PKCS#5/PBKDF2). Storing the encrypted data is done using individual, compressed files. Hence, incremental / iterative updates can be performed fast and only single files that have changed have to be updated (ideal, e.g., for Cloud Uploads). The mirroring process is a real ‘mirror’: For instance, deleted files are also removed in the backup etc.


The offered version here is the portable version of CrococryptMirror. Keyfile and settings are stored together with the application itself. Hence, the complete software including backup data can be stored on, e.g., an external hard drive and can be used without installation.


Mirroring can be done manually (on-demand) or by using the sync service which detects directory changes on the fly.



  • Copying and synchronizing of files/folders/directories (recursive) to encrypted folders
  • Encryption of filenames
  • Source folders can be stored in multiple destination containers at the same time (e.g., USB disk drive and Cloud storage)
  • Network drives can be used as sources and destinations
  • Explorer view to read encrypted containers




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Download x32


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