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uTorrent Web First Look


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uTorrent Web is a web-based client of the still-popular uTorrent BitTorrent application. The developers of uTorrent announced plans to release a web-based version of uTorrent in early 2017.


Note: uTorrent Web is blocked by Windows Defender and possibly also other security software as potentially unwanted software. You may need to exclude the program or move it out of quarantine to download and use it.


The uTorrent Web client is available for Windows right now. It runs in the background on the Windows machine and starts a locally hosted server that you interact with using your browser of choice.


The app loads a basic interface on start that you may use to run searches on Google. You may want to click on the x-icon to close it to display the full interface.

From there it is possible to add magent links or torrent files using drag & drop, and download the files to the system right away. You may stream video content right away; uTorrent Web comes with a media player that you may use for that purpose. What that means is that you can use the service to watch the video while it is downloaded to the local system.


Download uTorrent Web Beta


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