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[Solved] asus prime a320m-k and memory slot


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I bought the asus prime a320m-k mainboard and 8 gb ddr 4 memory chip.

When I plugin memory chip in ddr4 slot 1 my computer works. But, when I plug in memory chip in ddr4 slot 2 my computer doesn't work. There is nothing on the screen, the motherboard does not release any sounds. Is this normal that memory chip must be in the first slot? I do not have two ddr4 chips to test both slot simultaneous. Or, the motherboard is broken and I should use my warranty ?



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1. make sure you've insert the chip right and firm.

2. if possible, test slot 2 with a good ram chip.


If failure persists, slot 2 is defective. This has once occurred with my pro-magic motherboard.

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Read it's manual. Many ASUS mobos do not work if a single stick of RAM is inserted into slot 2.


Again, read it's manual, has to be written something about it in it.

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Problem solved.

Tested slot 2 with one more ddr4 chip, and works both memory chips. If you have only one memory chip he must be in slot 1 on this mainboard.

In mainboard manual say that is "recommended" to be in slot 1.

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