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[Game][PC] Dungeons II free @ GOG


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[PC] [GOG] Dungeons II


At the weekend, GOG gives you something to pass on time. Dungeons II are available for free for the next 2 days.

Since I can not say anything about the game itself, I just quote:

"The lord of the dungeons is back!" In his irresistible vendetta, the dark ruler in Dungeons 2 unites many new monsters from all corners of the underworld and even dares to approach Overworld! Create unique dungeons, gain an army of terrible creatures, control two different factions (Combat Horde and Evil Demons), defend your kingdom from invaders and destroy cities of people! Along the way, you will experience an extensive campaign, including an exciting story, filled with numerous allusions for various fantasy books, films and serials. In addition, with the help of Dread Hand you can now completely control your creatures at any time, give them orders or erase them. In multiplayer mode for four players, you can measure your strength in four different game modes with other Dungeon Lords via LAN or over the Internet! "




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for those that have limited hdd space.. the download is 2.4gb + space to actually install it usually x2 the download if not more.

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