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Largest Number On License Plate


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What is the largest number you can put on an American License Plate (limited to 7 characters/numbers)?



Here is the answer

Largest number you can put on a license plate  GUGLPLX

Googolplex is a one followed by googol zeros. Googol is a one followed by one hundred zeros. Googleplex can also be written as 1010100. 

If you wanted to write googolplex as numerals, and you could write a zero on every sub-atomic particle in the known universe, you would run out of particles before you could write all the zeros.

Thanks to Ron Charlton    http://roncharlton.org/LicensePlate.html

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Here in Delaware the license plates are numbered from 1 to 999999.  Of course there are specialized plates such as C for commercial, T for trailer, F for farm, etc.  The license plate is yours, and 4 digit plates and lower are worth a lot of money.  Often people will sell the tag, and include the car for free!

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