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asus bw-16d1ht firmware downgrade


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I´ve got this computer

- Asus z170 deluxe

- Cpu Intel i7 6700K 4.0Ghz QuadCore Skt1151

- 4x 16GB (64GB) DDR4 Corsair CL14 2400Mhz Vengeance LPX Black


- asus bw-16d1ht

- Windows 10 pro 64 Bits

Well i´ve upgrade the firmware of my blu ray player for the last version and after that it didnt read any more 4k UHD blu ray, the drive is no longer friendly and i only now after flashing that the update 3.03 blocked UHD disks,now to make a downgrade with DOS or ohter tools that we find in internet like lg patch witm my sytem don´t work it said that i need na System older that i ve got na another windos 7 or vista to run the patch or dos to flash the drive it is possible that there is no other tools for new computers?

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Asus seems to be handling firmware/BIOS updates badly lately... i also had some problems (couldn't do it) with the "latest" BIOS update 4 my device.

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@Moonstorm  I found this link, looks like you can go both ways with the firmware.  It only includes 3.00 so if you wanted 3.01 or 3.02 you would have to find those.

I don't have a BluRay burner, but when I ran the program it found my DVD burner, message that it couldn't find a BluRay burner.

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I already use that option with the crossflash but dont work with my computer only with an older one and i dont got one, it had to have IDE option to disable sata controlers in bios i already tried and nothing was flashed only the read error.

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