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New Opera update is 38% faster than Firefox Quantum


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Opera 51 has now been released onto the stable channel bringing with it improved browsing speeds, tabs that let you quickly scroll to the top of web pages, import and export options for bookmarks, and much more. The latest released is powered by a fine-tuned version of Chromium 64.


Opera 51 on Windows is now compiled using Clang, and as a result, the browser has become quicker in benchmark tests such as Speedometer 2.0. In a test run by Opera on an HP Spectre with Windows 10, Opera 51 scored 38% better than Firefox 58, despite all the work that has gone into the latter with the recent Quantum update.


Another new feature that has been added is the ability to press the tab to scroll to the top of the page, another click of the tab will return you back down the page to where you were before. If you’re a power user, this should definitely save you a bit of money if you find yourself going through cheap mouses like there’s no tomorrow.

If you missed the ability to export and import your bookmarks, the options are now back, Opera says that:



“In the bookmarks manager, we’ve added an import bookmarks button together with export bookmarks, available in the expandable menu. This is another way for you to import your bookmarks from other web browsers. You can also import bookmarks and other settings through the Easy Setup menu found in the start page.”



Other changes in this release include two collapsible lists for your open and recently closed tabs; they’re found on the tab bar on the far right and aim to declutter your browser. Tabs can now be pinned regardless of what restart options you have selected and will be restored whenever you open the browser for a new session. The private browsing mode now greets you with a funky animation, that can be disabled if you don’t want to continually see it. Furthermore, a 'back to tab' button has been added to videos which have been popped out; pressing the button, which is accessible by rolling over the video title, will put the video back into its original tab.


Lastly, Opera 51 comes with a way to easily reset your browser, and backup and restore your browser profiles. The first feature can be found in Settings (Preferences on macOS) > Browser > “Reset browser settings...”. It will delete all your data apart from your bookmarks, history, and saved passwords, which will be left alone. As for profile backups, Opera handles this behind the scenes; whenever profile settings have been read successfully, a backup is created, the backup will be used whenever the browser can’t load the latest configuration.


Opera 51 is ready for download on Windows, macOS, and Linux.



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It's like one old absurd anecdote, what I have heard...

"In the small pond was swimming two ironing machines. One was made from iron and the other drowned....."

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yap . in first use v51 update yesterday look very fast .

but you should remove all history every 2 hour to feel the fast again ..


you should take a look at the new firefox v58.0.2

Firefox has been rebuilt from the ground up to be faster and more powerful than ever. This includes a new CSS engine that has state-of-the-art innovations and is blazingly fast.

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I was about to post this today, but you beat me by nearly 2 days.


So I'll just add that I like the new feature that takes you to the top of the page and also back again where you are by just clicking the tab. It saves me a lot of scrolling that I hate. Just when I was thinking there isn't much they can add, they thought of this. 


So Opera has been getting faster and better. But despite all this, bookmark management (navigation) is not quite as convenient as it used to be with the old Presto version I was using on my XP.

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