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My name is Thunder7.

My friends call me thunder or 7.

Love God, Art, Graphics, Women, Friendships, Programs, Programs, did I mention Programs :)

I have been online now almost 12 years. I do not know everything, and willing to learn.

I surf the net a lot, I have around 35,000+ bookmarks of my travels.

Mostly Look for programs to make windows run better, gain proformance, and have fun , or do graphics with.

And Just love research and information.

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Hey thunder welcome to the boards. I lived in Baraboo, Wisconsin for a few years. Thank God I'm in Southern Cali now hahahaha!

And damn, 35,000 bookmarks is a grip. I can't imagine trying to navigate them, unless I was the Lawnmower Man or something. :)


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Cool if you are that much into trying new programs what programs do you use regularly and why?? we all are more than happy to hear someone elses point of veiw. And I like to try new programs if they have the potential of making things easier or faster for me, or if they can do things that most of the other programs that I use cant do efficiently.

That is what I think that these forums are supposed to be used for. Everybody is supposed to share what they have learned so we all can advance in our knowledge and abilities. I am sure that everybody can learn something from anybody no matter how intelligent they are.

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