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[New and old customers] 3 month subscription offered Qobuz Hi-FI - No Commitment


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[New and old customers] 3 month subscription offered Qobuz Hi-FI - No Commitment


Qobuz offers 3 months free trial, until 28/02/2018.
(after a quick search on dealabs, best seen so far was 2 months free)

Free trial and without commitment for new customers Qobuz never received a trial period. Past the period offered, the subscription will be renewed at the rate shown. You can cancel the renewal at any time for free.

Additional Info:
- according @Masterwow and @Omac (thank you ), You can benefit from this offer even if we have already enjoyed a previous offer !!!

- When you unsubscribe, you obviously won 4-5 more days (!!)
- You can use Soudiiz ( soundiiz.com/ ) to transfer your playlists from Spotify, Google Play, ... (thank you @Ratinox )

The Qobuz strong point: the audio quality is equivalent to an audio CD (FLAC 16-bit / 44.1 kHz). To give you an idea, here is a link to an interesting article: "... We tested in high definition music" (thank you @fmr ) lemonde.fr/pix...tml
Otherwise, there are a lot of Additional information, advice, etc. in messages, so feel free to take a look .

We must "pay" to validate € 0 (personally, I went through PayPal)
To unsubscribe, go to My Account, then Account Settings, and then churn; it keeps the full trial period. Beyond the trial period, if you are not unsubscribed, the service costs € 19.99 / month

Good listening !!





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