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dear friends use pdf documents


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However, I stumbled on bad situation via using Acrobat Reader DC. Only today, one of my important working .pdf documents hasn't correctly opened. I continuously tried to open it many times. Until today, I even don't have any resolutions for this.

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I wasn't even aware a specific software for PDF repair exists.  So thanks @Togijak for the info.

I'm heavy PDF user and yes, pdf files do get corrupted out of the sudden sometimes !!! 


Two questions though :


1. On DataNumen homepage they mention "Acrobat PDF" files. 

Does it mean their software can repair only PDFs created with Adobe Acrobat or ANY PDF file ?


2. Maybe someone knows  :medic:  for this (or similar) program and could post it here. Thanks in advance.


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  1. the Datanum tool repairs every PDF
  2. the Datanum tool is the only tool that real works (I think I have tried more than 10 tools like that)



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