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Malwarebytes closes Junkware Removal Tool


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Malwarebytes closes Junkware Removal Tool


October 26, 2017 Malwarebytes officially announced that in the first quarter of 2018 will be retired Junkware Removal Tool

Malwarebytes закрывает Junkware Removal Tool


Removal Tool will junkware - a free program designed to remove potentially unwanted programs (PUP), adware, and other unwanted objects in the operating system.

The application supports the removal of programs, browser extensions, toolbars, adware and more than 250 types of waste elements.

Malwarebytes company, developer of the popular anti-virus solutions, has acquired Junkware Removal Tool in 2015. The vendor has integrated the functionality of JRT in their own products, but the utility remains available for download and offline use.

Now the company has decided to end support for the application. The official date of completion Junkware Removal Tool life cycle is scheduled for April 26, 2018.

In an official statement of October 26 reported:

Malwarebytes has decided to stop supporting Junkware Removal Tool tool.

However, the company will continue to service before the end of JRT lifecycle (EOL) April 26, 2018.

As an alternative to the Malwarebytes offers users go to the program  AdwCleaner, which is said to contain all the basic utility features Junkware Removal Tool.

AdwCleaner was also purchased by Malwarebytes in 2016. The program can best be described as a graphical user interface version of the uninstall utility Junkware with additional features such as enhanced monitoring and the detection of adware and PUPs.

Junkware Removal Tool is still available for download on our website . The program does not require an active internet connection, so the tool can be used after the end of support. Of course, the app will lose its usefulness over time, because they will not receive the updates and not be able to delete the new types of adware and PUPs.



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I was using Malwarebytes on my old XP for years. It kept blocking many sites I was trying to visit, calling them potentially malicious. In the end I got tired and deactivated it, and nothing malicious happened to me.


I realize the tool enjoys good reputation, but my opinion of it is that it's a little paranoiac with false positives.

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Malwarebytes has lost its old charm what it used to be years back. The new version is never stable in any operating system. Support seems clueless. I uninstalled it from win 10.

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