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Welcome Back nsane on 01 Nov 2017


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We apologize for the inconvenience caused.


I hope we gave you guys timely update on our FB or TW page.


As for the issue it's same as the previous one. The server got overloaded - it needed to rest a little for the load to get normal. Also, we use quite a powerful server itself - powerful special server processor, high amount of RAM, SSD and other things, it's just that this issue is happening due to some server side problem. I cannot reveal more due to security reasons.


Also, I think Lite had fixed it the last time he looked into it. Which you guys might have noticed because we did not have any uptime issues for atleast a couple or more months now. Infact, the previous time any big uptime issue happened was when we upgraded IPB to a newer version, since then we have had no uptime issues.


Another thing, when the site is not available, the admins immediately get a notification about it. We also come to know when it starts working again, so we know exactly when it happens and we try to look into it whenever it's possible to do so.

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Glad your black.
Please fix DARK THEME.

Lots of problems..
Changed to DEFAULT THEME, but we are experiencing other members' posts that we cannot see and read, just a notifications that they have.

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A couple of issues I've noticed:

1) Sharecode icon is missing from replies box.

2) Last posts aren't being updated on the relevant forum's index page.


(Apologies if this is a double post).

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