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30/10/17] offers download 10 applications worth $ 21 for iOS is free in a short time


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30/10/17] offers download 10 applications worth $ 21 for iOS is free in a short time


To help you have a fun new work week and more efficient, TECHRUM please share the app list and utilities paid fairly or being free in a short time from the store App Store. Including some prominent names such as Data Widget (to help control the amount of mobile data use), Picfx (provided filters with many tools to support image editing, powerful video), Equation Calculator (best alternative to the default abacus calculations are displayed directly on the screen vv..Moi you to see and quickly downloaded before the end time nhé!

some notes to know before when downloading applications and games for free:

  • This is the copyright application is "free" in "short time".
  • Free time can be changed at any time without prior notice. Hope next time you will be fortunate.
  • Some links when opening the phone will go on AppStore Vietnam and may be charged. Please convert Apple ID to America to not be charged.

The article supports the theme:

# Applications and utilities are free

1. Storyline by Arcivr (1,99 USD)


Storyline app, you can create, narrate or share beautiful slideshows from your device with just a few simple steps. Allows 20 pictures, record your story and then just shared to friends via email or popular social networks.

2. Data Widget (1,99 USD)


In the current times of smartphones, 3G / 4G network is causing many people to "headache". Data Widget will help you control it better, show a widget in the notification center and help you control the volume using the 3G network a lot more perfect way.

3. Picfx (1,99 USD)


Picfx is a powerful filter with plenty of support tools to edit photos and videos, including color filters, effects, editing, exposure, contrast or create an overlay fades etc ..

4. EXIF Viewer by Fluntro - View, Remove GPS Metadata (2.99 USD)


EXIF Viewer is a tool to support the information most powerful images for your iPhone or iPad. The software also view level image as detailed information, filters, move or copy the photos with accompanying data. Users can also create a report or print photos directly from the program.

5. TextVideo - Text on Video (2,99 USD)


TextVideo - Text on Video is an application that helps you add text over the video with over 100 fonts. With the ability to customize it in a variety of text effects such as motion, curved letters etc ...

6. Pic Collage Playgrounds Pro - Photo Editor and collage peak Maker (2.99 USD)


Pic Collage Playgrounds Pro allows users to merge several images with different content into one. Especially can add all kinds of sticker or picture frames help to become more eye-catching.

7. Fotograf (1.99 USD) - continued free


This is an application that really gives depth to the picture. Fotograf give you 36 flexible editing tools, filters and effects mainly use classic tones, making shots became more nostalgic.

8. Equation Calculator - Equations made simple (0,99 USD)


Replacement app for iOS abacus, provide complete calculations on the display instead of hiding away and only give results as the default engine. This helps users reduce cases of unnecessary confusion effectively.

9. CubicToDo - Checklist, ToDo (1.99 USD) - continued free


You can use CubicToDo to manage work, to the list when traveling, lists the restaurant you want to list the items to be procured or list the books or films intended to see. .. the application design is pretty simple and easy interaction.

10. Total Calculator + (0,99 USD)


If you regularly perform calculations on the iPhone, it will certainly have plenty of time to confuse calculations. However, Total Calculator + will overcome it thanks to the display of the entire calculations during operation.


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