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MalwareFox Premium [for PC]


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MalwareFox is advanced, yet simple-to-use anti-malware solution for Windows computers. It gets rid of adware, spyware, browser hijacker and other malware and keeps PC safe from Ransomware. It provide aggressive detection capabilities and effective malware removal tool to keep your systems safe and secure.


Considering the advent newer form of cyber crimes, Anti-Malware software have become necessity these days. This is because traditional Antivirus programs are incapable of catching every threat.


MalwareFox is a lightweight yet powerful anti-malware program. It has clean and simple user interface. It is strong against adware, ransomware, and zero-day exploits.


MalwareFox provides real-time protection against different malware attacks.You can turn to this application if you need a quick, efficient way to detect if your system has been targeted by malicious attacks and whether or not they had succeeded to infect it.


Just as you launch the program you will notice that the main window displays a bunch of statistics, which include the status of your PC, when you performed the last scan and the real-time protection status. Running a scan can be simply done by pressing the “Scan” button.




Key Features of MalwareFox AntiMalware:

  • Advanced Anti-Malware Detection & Removal – Removes adware, spware which Antivirus cannot
  • Browser Cleanup – Blocks popup, redirects and Hijackers
  • Rootkits and Bootkits Protection – Repair damaged files
  • Ransomware Protection – Protect Personal files and Money from Attackers
  • Realtime Protection – Detect malware before it infects
  • Fast and Light – Won’t slow down your Computer
  • Stop Zero Day Exploit – Protection from unknown threats
  • Anti-Logger – Protect recording of Keystrokes and Webcam
  • Intelligently Works in Background – No interruption to user
  • Premium Support – 24×7 on demand





download link


Download and install MalwareFox Premium. After install, run MalwareFox Premium and register it with the following:

 license key:



To register MalwareFox Premium, go to the KEY icon in the top-right menu from within the program. 



You get free updates for same major version for one year
You get free tech support for one year


Technical Details
Developed by MalwareFox
Version is v2.74.206.150
Download size is 5.5 MB
Supports Windows 7, 8/8.1, and 10 (32-bit and 64-bit)

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56 minutes ago, KiM__ said:

This produce look like Zemana !!!??? :oops:

Not only seems like..., but really it is the same money making machine.
Even the Firefox desktop link is suspicious. Very good.

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Zemana Antimalware and Malwarefox are the same program, you can't have both installed. Zemana Antilogger is Zemana Antimalware plus keystroke encryption. If you have ZAL, you don't need or can't have ZAM or MF. It was odd experience to install MF and lose ZAL, then uninstall MF and both gone, then install ZAL again and it was back and licenced as nothing has ever happened.  :eek:


You are warned... :tooth:

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