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Graphic Driver and Shell

john petal

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Yesterday, my pc updated to Windows 10 RS3, but i have some problem with Display adapter & Explorer Shell. So i go back to RS2

-Display Adapter from version TH1-RS2 "AMD Radeon HD 8550G + HD 8570M Dual Graphics", but since RS3 only "AMD Radeon HD 8550G". This one causes low game performance. My driver already up to date from lenovo website.
-Explorer Shell and notification pop up still bad layout...

Anyone have same problem with me?Need solution...Thank you very much


Note: This is screenshot from RS2






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5 hours ago, WALLONN7 said:

Have you tried other driver?! Is latest Lenovo RS3 certified?! Probably not...

Try latest AMD 17.10.2 and report back...


Ok..i will try it and report back..thank's for help 

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Yes any updates I hope that driver worked?

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23 hours ago, DKT27 said:

@john petal: Any updates on it.

I've tried all recommended driver but no success...Uninstall with DDU and re-install still have same problem

The only solution is stay to RS2...

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