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PC: Gamers take note: The best free games on Steam!


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20 Super-Steam games





List of Games that are available:

  1. Paladins
  2. Dota 2
  3. Team Fortress 2
  4. Path of Exile
  5. War Thunder
  6. Neverwinter
  7. The Lord of the Rings Online
  8. PlanetSide 2
  9. Warframe
  10. Warface
  11. Star Trek Online
  12. Rift
  13. Star Conflict
  14. Smite
  15. Eve online
  16. Dirty Bomb
  17. Fistful of Frags 
  18. Clicker Heroes
  19. soda Dungeon
  20. Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms



go to the source page and scroll through the game screen shots and its download links.

I have mentioned most of them that are capable of English  download below.


This is not a giveaway and my sole purpose is to make members aware of the

games that are currently free on Steam


NOTE:  use Google Translate as the source is in German






The multiplayer shooter "Paladin" comes up with colorful fantasy graphics, ancient technology and fast-paced action. Put the opposing team with a 20 Champions incapacitated by defeating them on one of the many cards. For this, use different firearms, grenades and special abilities. In the course of the game you develop the basic repertoire of skills of your character and optimize them in order to acquire its own style of play. Acquired during their combat experience points you invest in your hero.




Path of Exile

"Path of Exile" is an action-heavy online fantasy RPG. You assume the role of one of six characters: Marauder, Ranger, Witch, Duelist, Templar or Shadow. With the help of magical stones combine the skills of your character and explore newer and more fighting methods. Your task is to survive on the continent Wraeclast. In many quests you put your skills to the test. Create your own weapons that stun your enemies or freeze, and explore underground caves and tunnels. Each completed quest brings you experience points. These allow you to take it as the game progresses with more and stronger opponents



War Thunder

In "War Thunder" They fight as a young soldier in World War II. Here you have many different types of aircraft with different weapons equipment and detailed designed cockpits. Your task is to fulfill various missions and to gain experience. You have the choice of PvP battles with multiple players or solo missions and between many different variants for both modes (single player mode and Cooperativ mode). Overall, the game offers a lot of configuration options to the nation for which you go to war. To use "War Thunder", you must create a player profile with your email address.




In fantasy MMORPG "Neverwinter" experience you adventure around the eponymous town of the game world "Forgotten Realms". As a hero of the Dungeon & Dragons adventures, your job is to fight enemies and complete quests. Here, there are various races such as human, halfling, dragon born or Elf and different classes such as fighter, rogue, mage or warlock available. With artifacts you add value to your character and its equipment, in order to survive against stronger monsters.





In the action game "Warframe" They compete as a team with three other players against Grineer. They are fighting for freedom and survival of your people. In PvE battles in which your group is divided into local and long distance fighter, you have exoskeletons that "Warframes" available. recovered after some fights you have the opportunity to upgrade your weapons. The built-in level editor also allows you to create your own levels, which you can then share with other gamers and use.




The tactical shooter "Warface" She trains as a team player of the army. At various theaters of war you complete missions that introduce you as a reward experience points and equipment. You usually act as part of a team, provide your mates with ammunition or take a Räuberleiter. Of course there is in the game a considerable selection of weapons that you even can even be equipped with accessories. The gameplay is trying to be realistic: Sun itself has the best sheep Sagittarius No absolutely steady hand.



Star Trek Online

In multiplayer online game "Star Trek Online" They either assume the role as Captain of a Federation starship or expand your empire in space as a Klingon Warlord. With the help of allies take part in space and ground battles. Explore famous places of the TV series while fulfilling the extensive missions. After the first episode, you will unlock automatically more that have now grown to a spread over several seasons history.




In the epic medieval fantasy online role-playing game "Rift" They exist as immortal hero adventure and finally fulfill the prophecy. You can choose a race and a class that come up each with different abilities and armaments for your avatar. You also define in steps if her character will behave offensively or defensively in battle. So you can be of any shape in the fight against the hammer-wielding dwarf until the caster elves diverse accept opponents. It is necessary to solve a lot of puzzles and to exist in the populated by dragons game world Telara



Star Conflict

In space-MMO "Star Conflict" You are the captain of a spaceship and move to the far reaches of the galaxy to Fight epic battles and gain wealth. The background story recounts the discovery of extraterrestrial ruins in the death zone; an unexplored sector in space as well as the conflict between independent mercenary groups and militant governments. In the game you can choose between more than 100 different classes shuttles and countless modules and put them together individually. In the role of one of nine characters you fight in PvP against other players in different areas. It is also possible to accept PvE missions and challenge computer opponents




In the online game "Smite" They compete in the role of a god to battle in multiplayer mode. They fight as a deity of your choice, no matter where mythology comes from this. About as Thor, Hades or sun god Ra you own individual abilities and powers that allow you to assert themselves in the arena. In team turn off their challengers and receive a reward of gold. Equipment and your character status to evaluate against the bonuses in the shop.



Eve online

The Space MMORPG of the Icelandic developer CCP Games is a space simulation in the style of "Elite Dangerous". Explore the almost infinite reaches of space, you'll expand your ship, discover new planets and trade with your fellow players - or cheer for you!




Dirty Bomb

In the post-apocalyptic first-person shooter "Dirty Bomb" They kill each alone or in a team, a devastated London of the future. Team shooter usually choose from different classes, (short for Mercenaries) called here Mercs. For example, the Fragger specializes on blasting, during the proxy with shotgun and - Warning - or a cricket bat attack.



Fistful of Frags 

"Fistful of Frags" is for once not a free-to-play role-playing game, but a true Western shooter. In classic to funky game modes it's action-heavy in the Wild West. This is fun and something different!




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Please post the source of the article and also, rest of the game names are missing here.

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1 hour ago, DKT27 said:

Please post the source of the article and also, rest of the game names are missing here.

The source is at the top, just above "Instructions."

I think I only mentioned the games that are capable of a direct download in English, however, you are correct in that I should mention all of them. :)

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  • Administrator
6 minutes ago, Dino101 said:

The source is at the top, just above "Instructions."

I think I only mentioned the games that are capable of a direct download in English, however, you are correct in that I should mention all of them. :)


My apologies, did not notice it.


From what I know, all the games mentioned in that list are available in English language. So no issues if you mention all of them.

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40 minutes ago, DKT27 said:


My apologies, did not notice it.


From what I know, all the games mentioned in that list are available in English language. So no issues if you mention all of them.

No problem at all:) - duly edited

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