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Printer ink


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Depends on your country..

I personally buy my inks from Ebay and have done for a number of years..

they are compatibles.. i have a epson sx200.. i usually buy either pack of 12 or pack 14.. they have a shelf life of 2years, but i have used them upto 3years.

I have never had a problem with them aka the printer saying they are not original.. comparing the inks.. well epson original for my printer £29 for a 1 set.. comparing this to the 3sets or 12inks for less than a £10.. and another thing epson dont want you to know.. the amount of ink in their printers.. usually around 8ml per cartridge.. compared to the 18-20ml in the compatibles.


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If you're in the U.S.A. try here.


Or amazon, here.


I buy my ink from both sites U.K.

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