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Google Play: Food Diary


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Food Diary is a journal app for you to record everything you eat and drink each day.

On each diary entry page there are 3 optional sections for you to track additional things:

1) Track Weight - record calories and your weight (this information is summarized in the Weight Tracking area of the app so you can easily view weight change over time)

2) Track Allergies/Intolerances - record reactions to food (this information is summarized in the Allergy/Intolerance Tracking area of the app so you can easily view when you've had reactions and what common foods you ate on those days)

3) Miscellaneous items - customizable area for you to record information specific to you

In addition to the diary, there are areas providing information on food groups, vitamins and nutritional values of various foods.









Feedback on the app is very much appreciated so if you have a suggestion for a new feature or improvement then please do get in touch. http://harloapps.com



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