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Google Play: Monster Numbers: Math for kids


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fQcrlb3DSfI3pdN2fly4QFsDb-q0j7mYLv5cVl1k  Monster Numbers: Math for kids




Primary school kids will enjoy learning maths this summer!

Monster Numbers is an excellent educational game for learning mathematics for kids: addition and subtraction, times tables, multiplication, sequences and division, mental-math calculations and problem solving for primary and early ages of secondary school.

A fun edutainment application. Run, jump, count, add, substract, multiply and divide to win. It's an actual game! 
Highly adaptable edutainment design! It is suitable for all ages!

The best part is children will engage in learning math without realizing, due to the great adventure they are experiencing with Tob the squirrel. Our squirrel is lost in the world of Monster Numbers and the children: WILL HAVE TO COME TO THE RESCUE!!!!




To do this they must overcome countless obstacles and try to recover Tob’s spacecraft pieces. They can jump, run, slide, fly, shoot, all while doing fun math calculations that can always be adapted to your level.

They’ll live an exciting adventure all while learning.

Monster Numbers can be played by boys and girls ages 4 and up.

Designed by EducaGames, fashioned by psychologists and professionals with extensive experience in the educational field. 

With Monster Numbers your child will learn math without realizing it.

You won’t be disappointed!!

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