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CPG-Pirate Group Quits


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Some BAD NEWS for people who watch cams grp CPG calls it a day once and for all...


We know we said many times before that we are going to stop this but we always manage to find way back But this is it, we started really small at iptorrents, re-encoding other group crap LOL and Now they are using our encodes and doing re-encodes/blurring We believe we raise the CAM/TS bar to whole new level, Its time we say Good bye, its just 1 life folks and i think its best we move on and focus on real life that actually matter. Everything is fine and will be. We hope our contribution was something and we hope you guys enjoyed our work, pass the words and Long live P2P!


P/S: we have no other site public or private and we are not affiliated with any other site. beware of fake releases/sites. This is it folks Bubbye! you got invite for us at your site contact us [email protected]


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