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Bandisoft programs wont launch properly


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Today i discovered another problem after resetting one of my PC's

* i did a clean install of windows 10 pro x64 RS2

* i installed all possible vc++ runtimes

* i enabled dotnet framework 3.5


... but ALL bandisoft programs wont work!

i tried Bandicam and Honeycam.

both lauch and work fine as long as i dont use medicines

both launch and interface appear but vanish after a second after using medicines!

note that i had both working before i reinstalled windows


do i have missed some requirements?

please help guys and thanks in advance :)


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no help on this one?


i have figured out to get Bandicam working. the culprit was a crappy portable version. once i installed it properly it worked fine


but Honeycam is driving me crazy :)

i know there is many alternatives but i'm used to this one

i'm also need to understand what happened for further troubleshooting

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