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IDrive 2TB Cloud Storage, 15-days free, then $6.95 for 1st year


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Get 2 Terabytes of Cloud Storage for 15-days FREE,  then $6.95 US for 1st year only. Goes up to $69.50 years 2+. 

Google Drive is $99.99 for 1TB per year. 

DropBox is $82.50 for 1TB per year.

iDrive How To







15-day test drive, then $6.95 for 1-year. 

Signup Link: https://www.idrive.com/idrive/signup/el/get90


I realize the price goes up year 2 onward, but this is a pretty good deal to backup your data for a year for very little out of pocket. I've been told after the 1st year is up,  if you call them and threaten to cancel, they will give you a better price for staying onboard. Videos on YouTube show how the software works.


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