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What is EICAR test virus? Kaspersky Lab server


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EICAR is a 68-byte .com file detected as "EICAR-Test-File". This IS NOT a virus. The test file simply displays a text message and returns the control to the operating system. 

Some time ago certain developers of antivirus software started adding such test files to their packages. Antivirus software detects it as a virus although it is not a virus. Such test “viruses” are designed to satisfy the curiosity of users who do not have “live samples” of a virus, but want to see the reaction of antivirus software to a virus detection (how it informs the user, what actions it prompts and etc.).

Later antivirus software vendors came to an agreement about developing a uniform standard "virus simulator" which should consist of text messages only. The latter allows any user to create such a "virus" manually (for example, by copying it from the documentation). The resulting .com file looks like this:


If you copy and paste this text or enter it by command "copy con test.com", and execute the resulting .com file, it will output the message EICAR-STANDARD-ANTIVIRUS-TEST-FILE! and return the control to the operating system. That's it. A lot of antivirus software will detect it as "EICAR-Test-File"

Download eicar.zip from the Kaspersky Lab server.



Source https://support.kaspersky.com/viruses/general/459

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Eset smart blocking it!



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Lots of anti-virus ignore this test-file , malwarebytes , Malwarebytes AntiRootkit ,  Hitman Pro, Windows Defender , etc.          B)

They just dont "see " this file , wonder what it means for these scanners , are they reliable enough.....................???  :rolleyes:


ESET , Zemana and Windows anti-malware ( monthly updated by MS) " captured " the file.............( makes me happy , coz using these good scanners !)


btw; used Malwarebytes  ( which did not found it) , someone tried to catch it with Malwarebytes 3.2.2 ( latest version )................??

Did this test again with latest Malwarebytes Premium ; did not found it either............!! 


btw ; what a dissappointing  ( sh** ) result of Malwarebytes.....!  :(



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It's 16 bit DOS. You can make the extension .com or .exe, and run it in DOSBOX - Well I can, I don't use a resident AV.
It won't run under XP 32 bit (unless you tweak the registry) or Win > Vista, or Linux.

I sometimes put it in my signature when I send messages ... makes people's AV's go crazy. Other than that, it's harmless.

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Yes this is a test file to let you know your antivirus is doing what its supposed to be doing I have downloaded it before and used it I think its harmless.

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