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The teenage slayer Champinha and th


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The teenage slayer Champinha and the crime that shocked Brazil


Name - Roberto Aparecido Alves Cardoso (1987-)

Location - Brazil

Deaths - 1

1. Champinha (Roberto Aparecido Alves Cardoso) was born in Embu-Guaçu (SP) in 1986. He had a poor childhood and, since he was a boy, already showed signs of psychopathy: one teacher reported that he witnessed the boy mistreating animals with coldness. He was also charged with murdering a homeless, but the crime has never been proven

2. In early November 2003, Liana Friedenbach, 16, and Felipe Silva Caffé, 19, decided to spend a weekend camping near an abandoned site in Embu-Guaçu. Since Liana's family did not approve of dating, she lied about her fate. Champinha and his friend Pernambuco (Paulo César da Silva Alves) were out to fish when they saw the couple and decided to rob him

3. Upon discovering that the couple did not have much money, Champinha and Pernambuco decided to kidnap the two. Liana suggested that the criminals request a ransom from their family and release them. The four went to the residence of Antonio Matias de Barros, another comparsa, that was the first captivity of the crime

4. On the first night of the captivity, Pernambuco sexually raped Liana, while Felipe remained in another room. Champinha was not involved in this action. The next morning, the bandits concluded that Liana was the only important part of the kidnapping, and Pernambuco executed Felipe in the thicket with a shot at the nape of the neck. The body was abandoned in the woods. Liana was taken to another place, of a new comparsa, Antônio Caetano da Silva

5. Pernambuco fled to São Paulo and Champinha returned to the captivity with Liana - at which point he raped her for the first time. At the same time, the girl's father discovered that she had gone camping and, believing the couple might have gotten lost, triggered the COE (Commando de Operaciones Especiais), which began a search in the area. They found Liana's wallet and cell phone and student clothes

6. On the third day of captivity, Liana was raped collectively by Champinha, Antônio Caetano and also by Aguinaldo Pires (another comparsa). Even without knowing about the kidnapping, Champinha's brother, who knew about his behavioral problems, alerted him to the movement of policemen in the region. Champinha told him that Liana was his girlfriend and that he would take her to the bus station, but this was not his plan

7. In the early hours of November 5, Champinha took the victim to the same scrub where he killed Felipe. He tried to slit her, and when he failed, he struck his back and thorax with a knife. But she died of head trauma when Champinha struck her head with the blind side of the knife. The bodies of the victims were only found five days later - and the suspects were found and arrested on November 10

8. Aguinaldo Pires was sentenced to 47 years and three months imprisonment for rape. Antônio Caetano da Silva received 124 years of imprisonment for various rapes and Antonio Matias was sentenced to six years in prison and one year, nine months and 15 days imprisonment for private imprisonment, personal favoritism, aid to the escape of the other defendants and concealment of the weapon of crime. Pernambuco took 110 years and 18 days for qualified homicide, kidnapping, rape and private jail. Champinha, a minor, was sentenced to three years in the Casa Foundation


One report pointed to an antisocial personality disorder and mild mental retardation in Champinha, who now lives in an Experimental Health Unit under the care of the State.

SOURCES Court of Justice of São Paulo, Court of Federal District, Folha, Globo e Terra



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