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Microsoft Launches a New Windows 10 Redstone 4 Build


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Microsoft has released a new Windows 10 Redstone 4 build, as the company is now giving the finishing touches to the Fall Creators Update and starting work on the next OS update coming in the spring of 2018.

Windows 10 build 16362 is only available for users in the Skip Ahead ring and comes with quite a long list of improvements, though for the time being it makes sense not to see too many changes because we’re still in the early days of the next Windows 10 update.


Build 16362 improves the boot experience with a new option that allows you to use the sign-in info to apply settings after a restart or update. This feature is available under Settings > Privacy.


“Building on our work seen in Build 16251, if you stay on the lock screen for a few seconds before signing in, you will now see your lock screen personalization (such as Windows Spotlight, and/or status information from Cortana, Calendar, Mail, and more). As always, you can customize your lock screen experience using the settings listed under Settings > Personalization > Lock screen,” Microsoft says in the release notes of the new build.


Coming in the spring of 2018
Additionally, this build also includes Narrator, Windows Shell, Microsoft Edge, gaming, and input improvements, many of which have also been included in the most recent build shipped as part of the Fast ring in anticipation of the Fall Creators Update.

As far as the release date of the Redstone 4 is concerned, what we know at this point is that Microsoft is projected to finalize the new OS update in March next year, which means the public launch could take place in April. Microsoft has pledged to two major Windows 10 updates every year.


You can check out the full release notes of Windows 10 build 16362 in the box below, but keep in mind that only users in the Skip Ahead ring can get it.


Windows Build 16362

  • Spoiler


    • Windows Shell Improvements
    • We fixed an issue where minimized app windows on mixed-DPI monitor setups might end up drawing offscreen after your PC resumed from sleep.
    • We fixed an issue where if you changed your display language preference to something other than the machine’s default then any app which did not take an update while also getting the updated language resource package from the Store would end up continuing to display its tile in Start in that default language rather than the new language displayed within the app and other system UI.
    • We’ve updated the Action Center to now use “AM” / “PM” when indicating timestamp with the 12hr clock format, rather than “a” / “p”.
    • We fixed an issue where using the letters in Start to jump to different locations in the alphabet wasn’t consistently working in the last few flights.
    • We fixed an issue where when the People button was present in taskbar, and toast-only banners (for example from Outlook 2016) were sent, the Action Center badge counter would become inaccurate.
    • Microsoft Edge Improvements
    • We fixed an issue resulting in multiple apps crashing in the previous flight if you tried to log into the app using Facebook.
    • We fixed an issue where pasting an image to Imgur.com from your clipboard wouldn’t work.
    • We fixed an issue which could result in uploads failing on some sites, such as Behance.net.
    • We fixed an issue resulting in drag and drop onto websites intermittently not working.
    • We fixed an issue where Microsoft Edge would crash after choosing to pin certain websites to Start.
    • We fixed an issue where a tab could get in a state where it displayed a tab preview thumbnail even though your mouse wasn’t hovering over the tab.
    • We fixed an issue where website tooltips could end up displaying behind the Microsoft Edge window after opening a link in new tab in the background.
    • We fixed an issue for certain websites where after watching an embedded video full screen then using Esc to return to the page would result in the video controller no longer being visible.
    • We’ve updated editable fields in PDFs to now have a subtle color to help indicate that they’re editable.
    • Gaming Improvements
    • We fixed an issue resulting in Ghost Recon: Wildlands not starting in recent flights since the Easy anti-cheat component wouldn’t load.
    • We fixed an issue resulting in Train Simulator 2017 failing to launch on recent flights.
    • Input Improvements
    • We fixed an issue where the Pinyin IME’s emoji picker wouldn’t load in recent flights.
    • We fixed an issue where the Emoji Panel’s tooltips could become mixed up.
    • We fixed an issue from recent flights resulting in precision touchpads potentially dropping gestures after coming out of sleep.
    • We’ve made some adjustments to address an issue resulting in sudden and brief CPU spikes where you couldn’t move your mouse. If you’ve encountered this, please try it in this new build and let us know if your experience has improved.
    • We fixed an issue where when using the Chinese (Simplified) handwriting panel InputPersonalization.exe could get into a state where it would unexpectedly have a continually high CPU usage.
    • General changes, improvements, and fixes for PC
    • We’ve updated the Run dialog so when hold Ctrl + Shift then click OK or press enter, it will run that task or program elevated, just like how it works in Cortana.
    • We fixed an issue where the Windows Defender Security Center app icon was missing in taskbar when the app was open, as well in Start’s all apps list. You will also notice that the icon is now un-plated in the taskbar.
    • We fixed the issue where USBhub.sys was causing spontaneous reboots due to bugchecks (GSOD).
    • We fixed an issue where the battery flyout might incorrectly show “PC not charging” while the device was changing in recent builds.
    • We fixed an issue where fonts using shortcuts would become unusable and disappear from the Fonts folder.
    • We fixed an issue where upgrading to recent flights would fail if you had a speech for a secondary language installed.
    • We fixed an issue from recent flights resulting in some Insiders experiencing an issue where Store apps would begin to fail to activate after being launched a few times.
    • We fixed an issue where your PC might not go to sleep automatically after remoting into it and signing out of the remote session.


    Source: Newsoftpedia

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Most likely they have already RS3 in RTM stage !
Wonder which is the the build number for it......:think:

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The details that they need to polish, so they took another to entertain so to speak.

While improving.

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All the above comments are most likely correct-however, past experience has told me to wait for the final build and clean install. I have jumped the gun before (including upgrading from Windows Update) and gotten burned. I'm on the fast ring, so I know which build is the final RTM build.

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Don't know-I meant to say I'LL know when it comes out before most people since I'm on the fast ring. Sorry for the grammatical error.

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Insiders can get it before that date.

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On 15/9/2017 at 2:55 PM, shorty6100 said:

Insiders can get it before that date.

Insiders can get incomplete stuff from M$; many Bugs as well...:D

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