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Selfie-seeker crushed trying to get pic with elephant...


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Selfie-seeker crushed trying to get pic with elephant...  :rolleyes:


Man crushed to death after trying to take selfie with elephant in India


A man was crushed to death after he tried to take a selfie with an elephant in India.


The man, identified as 54-year-old Ashok Bharti, had been trying to take a photograph with the elephant when it “turned on him”.


Mr Bharti a resident of the city of Cuttack, in the eastern state of Odisha, was working with a private company in the Sundargarh district when he was killed.


A forest official said the elephant was already agitated before the incident.


"We were trying to drive away the tusker [elephant] with the help of local people. But suddenly a person present there among locals, went nearer to the tusker and tried to take a photograph of the elephant on his mobile phone.

Grenfell residents urge visitors to stop taking selfies with building


“He was also trying to take a selfie with the elephant when it turned on him," the official told the India Times.


Mr Bharti was rescued by locals and forest officials and taken to the Rourkela government hospital, but was pronounced dead by doctors shortly after.


“As per the provisions, we will provide compensation to the family of the deceased," Assistant Conservator of Forest JK Mohanty told the India Times.


India has the highest number of selfie-related deaths in the world, with Mumbai declaring no-selfie zones to combat the dangers of the photo craze.

 In January last year, an 18-year-old woman fell and drowned in the sea while taking a photo of herself at Mumbai’s Bandstand Fort, a popular tourist spot.



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Animals should not be taken lightly.  We had a case here where a zoo worker was killed by an elephant while taking it for a walk.


Several years back I was with a small group that was allowed in back of the enclosure to feed a Kodiak bear through a metal gate.  I remember thinking at the time, "Holy cow, he weighs a good 1200lbs. (544kg), he could kill me by accident and not even notice"

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Happening a lot in India. Samsung has even made an ad with collaboration with the Indian government against doing so.


I for one never understood the fascination of people behind it. Then again, why did we take group photos in the first places years ago when analog cameras existed, then why not the photos taken from the from camera I think.

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In the States, automobile drivers are encouraged to drive round while playing Pokemon on their smart cell phones ...


Me thinks not so smart after all...


Could this just be another signal of The Apocalypse ?   :(

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Unfortunately,  the dangerous selfie syndrome affects mostly young people who have a need to post cool photos of themselves on their social media page.   Somehow the desire to have the photo overrides the instinct to survive.

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